King’s College London – Internal

We are continually working on the IT systems affected by recent issues, and are pleased to let you know that we are making significant progress. Our teams are working around the clock to resolve these issues and we apologise wholeheartedly for any inconvenience you have experienced.

Update 28 October 2016


Timetabling services have now been fully restored, including the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery

Skype for Business

We are currently experiencing issues with Skype for Business. This includes loss of contacts and an inability to change online status. Engineers are working to restore service.

PURE services
Pure – Research Information System that covers all aspects of research has been restored.

Update 27 October 2016

King’s Apply, admissions system

The admissions system, King’s Apply, is currently unavailable due to an IT service outage that has affected a number of King’s IT systems. IT services are working hard with our suppliers to resolve the situation as soon as possible. We are unfortunately unable to offer a precise timescale for resolution, but we do not expect the system to be restored before Monday 31st October.

The 31st October application deadlines for international applicants to January start programmes in the following areas are being extended to 7th November 2016: English Language Centre, Study Abroad, Foundation programmes, Postgraduate taught and Postgraduate Research

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you have any urgent admissions related queries, please contact the admissions office at

Library Services

We are pleased to report that library services have returned to full functionality.

Assessment Deadlines

As the library services have returned to full functionality, the extended deadline protocol we outlined in our email of 21 October will now be applied:

Original submission deadline   Revised submission deadline
-Monday 17 – Thursday 27 October

-Friday 28 October

-No earlier than 16.00, Thursday 3 November

-No earlier than 16.00, Friday 4 November

However, we are aware that you may not feel that this compensates sufficiently for the disruption you have suffered, such as if you have multiple deadlines ‘backed up’, or you have deadlines that fall after Friday 28 October and you have been restricted in your ability to work towards these. Given the wide variety of assessment types and patterns taken by our students, it is not possible to provide a university-wide mechanism to deal with this.

Consequently, responsibility for ensuring that you have not been disadvantaged by the situation will now be devolved to the Assessment Board within your department or faculty.

Some faculties or departments have already contacted students to clarify submission arrangements relating to a number of on-line assessments and/or formative work. Similarly, some may choose to extend a submission deadline further, beyond that stated above. In each of these instances please follow the guidance provided by your faculty or department.

If you feel that your situation has not been adequately covered, then you may apply for a further extension via the university mitigating circumstances procedures and your Assessment Board will consider your request. You should already have details of the mitigating circumstances procedures, for example how and to whom you should submit the form. Please note that in this instance you will NOT be expected to provide documentary evidence in support of your case beyond details of the dates your studies were disrupted and how.

Update 26 October 2016

Tuition & Accommodation fee payment
The online card fee payment site is now available for payment of your tuition and accommodation fees using your debit or credit card.

For those students already invoiced for tuition fees for 2016-17 due on Monday 31 October 2016, the deadline has now been extended to Monday 7 November 2016.

The fee payment date has also been extended from Tuesday 25 October to Monday 7 November 2016 for the following residences:
– Angel Lane
– Champion Hill
– Ewen Henderson Court
– Great Dover Street Apartments
– Julian Markham House
Moonraker Point
– Stamford Street Apartments
– Stratford One
– TowerBridge
– Wolfson House

Student records
The system is now available

If you were able to access the following services before the IT outage, you will now be able to do so once again:
– Access Compass Online
– Access Timetables
– View Module Registrations
– View Module Results*
– Edit Personal details e.g. update addresses
– Submit an Online Change of Circumstance
– View tuition fee invoices
– Update bank details
– Candidate Number
– Register for Disability Advisory Service

*Please be aware that some results ratified within the last two weeks might not be immediately available.

Update 25 October 2016

Shared Drives

While shared drives are in the process of being recovered, staff and students are encouraged to save work on OneDrive or SharePoint until the shared drives are fully functioning. Please do not save work in ‘My Documents’, on your desktop, or on the ‘N: drive’ as this may be lost during the recovery process. Instructions on how to use OneDrive are attached onedrive-for-business-one-pager-2016-10. Please log on via the Office 365 login page at

King’s Mobiles App
The King’s mobile app is now working, although some aspects that are affected by current system issues will not be available.

Mailman mailing list service
The Mailman mailing list service completed all stages of testing on Monday 24 October, and is now working.  Messages can now be sent using Mailman as usual.

Please note that most of the messages sent to Mailman lists between 16.00 Monday 17 October and 12.00 on Monday 24 October will have been lost and will need to be resent.   If you have any queries or encounter any problems, please contact the IT Service Desk.

If you have any queries or encounter any problems, please contact the IT Service Desk



What has happened?
We were alerted to an IT service outage on the evening of Monday 17 October.

IT are working to a plan to restore the affected systems and functions in the order of priority set by the university. We have restored the most critical student supporting services. The problems are due to a hardware failure but please be assured that we do have robust data and information security protections in place for our IT systems.  We have been working with our suppliers 24/7 since the issue was identified to resolve the situation as soon as possible but there are on-going issues with some IT systems.

What caused this?
We believe that hardware is the source of the problem. As is our normal practice, there will be a full review once normal services are restored. The review will confirm the root cause(s) of the problem.

How long will this go on for?
Regrettably, we are unable to say exactly when all systems will be restored but will continue to provide regular updates to everyone until the problem is resolved.

What security protocols were in place to protect our data?
A suite of data and information security protections is in place to protect all our users, both students and staff.

We do not disclose detailed information about our security systems for obvious reasons.

How will this affect my application?
If prospective students are currently working to any King’s deadline then these will be extended to one week after systems are restored. Once the systems have recovered, the admissions team will be able to check the status of applications.

What can we do in the meantime?
Please bear with us. We are working around the clock to resolve this as quickly as possible.

There are work-arounds for some systems. Some of the work-arounds can be found in this FAQ, while others depend on your department and the systems they use.

If you are experiencing issues that are not listed above, please email  IT at